Our PERT-ALT-PERT multilayer pipes and accessories are manufactured according to ISO AENOR 21003 and UNE-EN-12165 standards and manufactured in CW617N brass.

Our multilayer pipes are composed of 5 layers that make up an inner and outer layer of PERT, a central layer of aluminum, joined together by two layers of adhesive. The aluminum layer is welded to lap to give a complete oxygen barrier.

The PERT Al PERT pipe undergoes less expansion due to increased temperatures thanks to its aluminum core.


Potable water pipe networks for hot and cold water supply in buildings.
Pipe networks for air conditioning equipment.
Pipe networks for heating systems.


Resistant to high temperatures.
Due to its low thermal conductivity

Ease of installation.

Ease of transportation
Thanks to its light weight, the transport of the pipe is easy to carry out.

Good oxygen impermeability.
Thanks to the aluminum layer that works as an insulator.


Easy bending without loss of stiffness.

High pressure resistance

Reduced thermal expansion.