The multilayer pipe is composed of 5 layers that make up an inner and outer layer of PERT, a central layer of aluminum, joined together by two layers of adhesive. The aluminum layer is welded to lap to give a complete oxygen barrier.
PERT-AL-PERT pipe undergoes less expansion due to increased temperatures thanks to its aluminum core.

MPF.TB164 DN 16 x ESP 2.0 mm - L 4.0m
MPF.TB204 DN 20 x ESP 2.0 mm - L 4.0m
MPF.TB254 DN 25 x ESP 2.5 mm - L 4.0m
MPF.TB324 DN 32 x ESP 3.0 mm - L 4.0m
MPF.TB404 DN 40 x ESP 4.0 mm - L 4.0m
MPF.TB504 DN 50 x ESP 4.5 mm - L 4.0m
MPF.TB634 DN 63 x ESP 6.0 mm - L 4.0m