As a kind of three-layer composite pipe, PP-R fiber composite pipe is a really improver of normal PP-R pipe. Inside and outside layer of the pipe are made of pure polypropylene random copolymer resin, which ensures the pipe sanitary and healthy when used for water supplying. The high-performance PP-R fiber composite material of mid-layer greatly improves the characters of such pipes as used in hot water system. This newly-typed pipe has higher strength, higher tenacity, higher rigidity and lower linear expansion coefficient.


Greatly reduced linear expansion coefficient, 30% of that of PP-R, which is close to that of the stable composite pipes.

Higher strength and stability of dimension.

Greatly improved resistant to pressure. It can bear more pressure load than PP-R under the same service condition.

Improved resistant to impulse under low temperature.

Socket fusion connection with PP-R fittings, credible and convenient.

Smooth and sanitary, being good selection for drinkable water system.


F-PPR is suitable for all application fields of normal PP-R piping system. At the meanwhile, based on the differential advantages of F-PPR, it is more suitable for below application.

 - Distribution for hot water inside building;
 - Central heating system;
 - Transportation of thermal spring water;
 - Central air conditioning system;
 - Solar-powered building integration system.

PPR.TBF20020 DN 20 x ESP 2.8 mm - L 4.0m
PPR.TBF20025 DN 25 x ESP 3.5 mm - L 4.0m
PPR.TBF20032 DN 32 x ESP 4.4 mm - L 4.0m
PPR.TBF20040 DN 40 x ESP 5.5 mm - L 4.0m
PPR.TBF20050 DN 50 x ESP 6.9 mm - L 4.0m
PPR.TBF20063 DN 63 x ESP 8.5 mm - L 4.0m
PPR.TBF20075 DN 75 x ESP 10.3 mm - L 4.0m
PPR.TBF20090 DN 90 x ESP 12.3 mm - L 4.0m
PPR.TBF20110 DN 110 x ESP 15.1 mm - L 4.0m
PPR.TBF20125 DN 125 x ESP 17.1 mm - L 4.0m
PPR.TBF20160 DN 160 x ESP 21.9 mm - L 4.0m