Made from Polypropylene Random Copolymer plastic, produced through a continuous extrusion process. 

PPR pipe withstands high pressures (PN-20).

Drinking water pipe networks to supply cold and hot water in civil buildings (residences, hospitals, hotels, offices, schools, etc) or naval buildings. 

Industrial pipe networks for food products, chemicals and the electrical industry. For example, for the transport of corrosive fluids (acid or alkaline water and ionized water, etc.), etc.

PPR.TB16 DN x ESP: 16 x 2.7mm - L: 4m
PPR.TB20 DN x ESP: 20 x 3.4mm - L: 4m
PPR.TB25 DN x ESP: 25 x 4.2mm - L: 4m
PPR.TB32 DN x ESP: 32 x 5.4mm - L: 4.0m
PPR.TB40 DN x ESP: 40 x 6.7mm - L: 4.0m
PPR.TB50 DN x ESP 50 x 8.4 mm - L 4.0m
PPR.TB63 DN x ESP 63 x 10.5 mm - L 4.0m
PPR.TB75 DN x ESP 75 x 12.5 mm - L 4.0m
PPR.TB90 DN x ESP 90 x 15 mm - L 4.0m
PPR.TB110 DN x ESP 110 x 18.3 mm - L 4.0m
PPR.TB125 DN x ESP 125 x 20.8 mm - L 4.0m
PPR.TB160 DN x ESP 160 x 26.6 mm - L 4.0m